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第1段Recently we’ve had a discussion about whether we should...(导入话题) Our opinions are divided on this topic.(观念有分歧)


第2段Most of the students are in favor of it.(正方观念) Here are the reasons.First...Second...Finally…(列出2~3个赞同的理由)

第3段However, the others are strongly against it.(反方观念) Their reasons are as follows.In the firstplace...What’s more...In addition…(列出2~3个支持的理由)


第4段Personally speaking, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages, for it will do us more harm than good, so I support it.(团体观念)



第1段Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways.Others, however, argue that B is much better.Personally, I would prefer A because I think Ahas more advantages.


第2段There are many reasons why I prefer A.Themain reason is that ...Another reason is that…(赞同A的缘由)


(1) 不同观念罗列型( 选择型 )

There is a widespread concern over the issue that __作文标题_____. But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic

varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观念一________. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude

as follows: in the first place, ___缘由一_______.Furthermore, in the second place, ___缘由二_____. So it goes without saying that ___观念一_____.

People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter.

Some people hold the idea that ___观念二_______. In their point of view, on the one hand, ___缘由一_______. On the other hand, ____缘由二_____. Therefore, there is no

doubt that ___观念二______.

As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that __观念一

或二______. It is not only because ________, but also because _________. The more

_______, the more ________.


Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)___作文标题______. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages in __标题议题_____. G英语作文模板:阐明利害题型



1. 阐明事物现状

2. 事物自身的优缺陷(或一方面)

3. 你对现状(或前景)的看法

Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life.

Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First —————-(A的优点之一). Besides ——————-(A的优点之二).

But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of

the important disadvantages is that —————-(A的第一个缺陷).To make matters worse,——————(A的第二个缺陷).

Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the

negative ones. Therefore, I would like to —————(我的看法).

(From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we

should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in.

Only by this way, —————(对前景的预测).


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