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As is shown by the figure/percentage in the table/picture,____ has been on rise/ decrease, significantly/dramatically rising/decreasing from ____ in _____ to _____ in _____. From the sharp rise/decline in the chart, it goes without saying that _____.

There are at least two good reasons accounting for _____. In one hand, ____.In the other hand, _____ is due to the fact that ______.In addition, ______ is responsible for _____. Maybe there are some other reasons to show ______.But itis generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly convincing.

As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that _______. I am sure my opinion is both sound and well-grounded.


Nowadays, there are more and more __ _ in __ _. It is estimated that ___.
Why have there been so many ____? Maybe the reasons can be listed as

The first one is ______. Besides,_____. The third one is _____. To sum up,
the main cause of it is due to _____. It is high time that something were done
upon it. For one thing,_____. For another thing, _____. All these measures will
certainly reduce the number of _____.


(1) 要求阐述两个统一的观念并给出本人的看法。

1. 有一些人以为…

2. 另一些人以为…

3. 我的看法…

The topic of ①—(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are
two sides of opinions about it. Some people say A is their favorite. They hold
their view for the reason of ②—(支持A的理由一)What is more, ③——理由二). Moreover,

While others think that B is a better choice in the following three
reasons. Firstly,—(支持B的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥—-(理由二). Thirdly

From my point of view, I think ⑧–(我的观念). The reason is that ⑨——(缘由).
As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me,
the former is surely a wise choice .

(2) 给出一个观念,要求考生支持这一观念

Some people believe that ①–(观念一). For example, they think ②—(举例阐明).And
it will bring them ③—(为他们带来的益处).

In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one
thing,④——(我不赞同该看法的理由一). For another thing, ⑤—(支持的理由之二).

Form all what I have said, I agree to the thought that



1. 论述名言或主题所蕴涵的意义.

2. 剖析并举例使其更空虚.

The good old proverb –(名言或谚语)reminds us that –(释义). Indeed, we can learn
many things form it.

First of all,—(理由一). For example, —–(举例阐明). Secondly,–(理由二). Another
case is that -(举例阐明). Furthermore , —-(理由三).


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